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Toilet Roll Holders

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Toilet Roll Holders

Here at Big Living we love everything decor, no matter how small, everything must look just right, and that includes the humble toilet roll holder, it’s a point of pride to insure that all our products are top of the range. Our toilet roll stand is no exception, they come in a range of materials such as ceramic, metal and steel, and suit any décor Throughout our product range we cater to all types of interior designs, this includes contemporary or vintage.


Big Livings Toilet roll holders come in a range of different designs, from vintage toilet roll holders, Victorian toilet roll holders and antique toilet roll holders. Elaborating on this the vintage toilet roll holder are made from an array of different woods, cast iron materials and polished in a smart shiny nickel, meeting up to its stylish shape and design as well as its practicality. Furthermore, in a very similar case the Victorian toilet roll holder are elegant and are known to carry up to more than one toilet roll, but the stylish sophisticated design of the Victorian toilet roll holders has a back plate and arms that are cast from iron with a chrome finish with a wooden pole to go inside a toilet roll. Finally, the antique toilet roll holders look very expensive and sophisticated, but don’t let that fool you, Big Living make sure all their products are affordable, the antique toilet roll holder is made with solid brass with an antique finish.


So, Toilet roll holders are essential to all households, as you may know. But here at Big living we like to mix essential and stylish together, we have a range of cream toilet roll holders, chrome toilet roll holder, glass toilet roll holders and more… These toilet roll holders are modern and come standing or wall attached, in a range of square designs polished and finished in a stylish modern chrome colour, in guarantee to add a contemporary look to any bathroom. The cream toilet roll holders, like other toilet roll holders is easy to clean with only a few wipes of a soapy water cloth will do the trick to gain that shiny chrome colour or the smooth cream colour back to your bathroom toilet roll holder.