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Display Stand & Jewellery Stand

Some things are meant to be hidden away from the world, and then there are those objects that are just crying out to be on display, and at Big Living we have exactly what you need to put that object of desire on display for the world to admire, whether it’s a dress stand, a cake stand, a jewellery stand or glass display cases, we have the perfect ways for you to display your treasures, at great prices. Whether you’re looking at getting a jewellery stand, a jewellery box, a trophy case, or a display stand for medals and other valuables, having a display stand that does your treasured object justice is important. After all, what good is it, if the looks and style of the display stand takes away from the beauty, or the gravitas of what the display stand is exhibiting. The display case must serve to enhance the look of what it is displacing. We also appreciate that different things have different importance to people, and what we put on a display stand, or a display case reflects its importance to us, so no matter what it is, we have the perfect display case for your treasured items. Another consideration is security, anything that is important enough to you that it warrants being in a display case, is surely in need of the security. Our range of display stands and jewellery boxes offer both good looks and additional security to that which is most precious to you. Feel free to browse the Big Living Site, and you will be sure to find the perfect jewellery stand for your favourite piece, the inspiration you need to acquire a new piece, or simply a display stand that looks good in your home, what more could you ask for.


Decorative Mannequin

Sometimes what we wear defines who we are, and sometimes our threads deserve more then to just languish in a wardrobe. This is why at Big Living, we offer a great range of decorative mannequins, to insure that your best dress gets the audience it deserves. And for those of you that want more than just a few decorative mannequins to enhance your home décor, we have an assortment of dress maker’s mannequins for those of you who are budding dress makers to choose from. Sometimes there’s nothing like wearing something you’ve made yourself, and with a dress makers mannequin, you can indulge in the joys of creating (and wearing), some or your own homemade clothing, while knowing that when it’s not serving its purpose as a dress making mannequin, its striking, retro, classic good looks insure that it also makes a great decorative piece in your home, giving it a classic and quirky vibe. Each one is made to the highest standards, to original specifications, and each one has its own unique and charming design and style. Whether you enjoy dress making, or you simply want a unique feature piece in your home to have on display around the house, our dress making mannequins are the perfect choice.