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Coat and Umbrella Stand

What can be a more traditional and ubiquitous piece of furniture for the humble British hallway then the umbrella stand and coat stand. The Umbrella and coat stand have been welcoming people home for decades. The rain is always unpredictable, there’s no way around it, but with Big Livings help, you will never be caught short by the ever shifting weather. With our vast selection of coat stands and umbrella stands waiting for you before you leave the house, you’ll always be prepared for what the world throws at you, and they are just as handy for when you come home. Having a stylish umbrella stand to keep your wet umbrella in, is infinitely better than just dumping it on the floor, and the same goes for your coat. After coming in from a wet and windy day, having a coat stand to hang your coat on give it the chance to air out, and they look great.


Antique Metal Umbrella Stand

our range of Antique Metal Umbrella Stands, aren’t just functional, but also come in a wide range of classic and contemporary styles that are sure to match any décor. Umbrella stands and coat stands, can become feature pieces, giving any hallway a new style, whether you want to create a retro vibe, or a modern feel. As soon as you walk through the door, your umbrella stand and your coat stand are the first thing that you see, and so you need to insure that they match your décor and your personality. At Big Living, we know that style and function can complement each other, and this philosophy is seen in action through the humble coat stand and umbrella stand. Now whatever the world has in store for you, come rain or shine, with your new umbrella stand and coat stand, you’ll be ready for anything.