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Led Track Lighting


Track lights are a type of ceiling light fixture that is connected on a continuous track. Here at Big Living our track lighting is a great alternative to individual lighting as they are visibly appealing on display as spot lights are discreet and are considered easier to install. Led Track Lights are ideal to illuminate hallways, kitchens, bathrooms or even your closets. They are also great to highlight artwork on display. We offer a wide range of brands such as Endon, Quoizel and First Light. Our range of track lighting comes in either aluminium with a matt finish or steel. Most of our wire track lighting is ideal for modernised kitchens, on the other hand, we also have track lights with a white finish would most likely suit vintage or simple interior designs. Track lighting would be most convenient for rooms that are lacking space for floor or table lamps as they take minimum space on the ceiling. At Big Living you could either choose from energy efficient which will last at least 10 times as much as an original bulb or a low voltage lighting meaning that you can have a smaller bulb and track lighting. Our Led track lighting could also be used as a night light, which would be great for homes with bigger rooms as more light would be needed to brighten up the big space. Not to forget the fact that the heads on the track lights are adjustable, this allows you to move the track lighting up, down or left or right. Our track lighting comes in either a linear or flexible style. Our flexible track lights would be ideal for longer rooms such as kitchens as they will illuminate the entire room span. Not keen on the track lighting? Have a look at our portable LED night lights which would be best if you’d prefer to swap the night light in different rooms.