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Kitchen Ceiling Lights UK

Bored of old traditional lighting choices that are sold everywhere? On the Big Living online lighting store, under our range of contemporary chandeliers you will find everything you need for that sleek and modern look which makes any interior stand out. Modern ceiling lights are a unique and they would be a beautiful addition to any room. At Big Living we have modern and contemporary lights for every room including kitchen ceiling lighting. If you’re looking to decorate or enhance your house, you will find the right piece which suits it perfectly, so browse our modern ceiling lights category to find what you're looking for today.If you're looking for chandeliers for your kitchen ceiling lights our chandeliers come in a range of styles and types which include candles, crystals, drum, mini chandeliers and many more.



Each ceiling lighting UK has it’s own unique features that may include matching shades to create the right ambiance or even height-adjustment to allow the light to spread evenly across your home. With a range of well-known brands such as CIMC, DIYAS, Elstead Lighting and many more, there is a perfect set of lighting for everyone. The number of styles is endless, there are options of modern ceiling lights or vintage classic chandeliers and our range of lighting is updated frequently with even more styles to choose from. Choosing the right amount of lights would play a big part for instance or chandeliers would create a shimmering effect for that grand appearance. If you're not fond of changing lights, there are chandeliers with one bulbs for minimal maintenance. We can proudly offer you one of the best lighting ranges online as we are one of the top retailers and wholesalers in the UK.


Pendant Ceiling Lights

Are you looking for something small but simple decor? Our pendant lights would be ideal if you’re looking for a small touch of elegant. Compared to chandeliers, pendants are simplified to create a lovely home yet sophisticated. Our pendant lights are most definitely eye catching. If you’re looking for something a little bit bigger how about our wide selection of chandeliers?



Indulge yourself with a new chandelier to create a sophisticated, elegant vibe to your house. We offer a wide range of colours ranging from the basic aluminium and glass to an antique copper. We also offer Diyas chandeliers, which come in brass/crystal, satin brass/crystal and antique brass/crystal. Diyas is a well-known designer which we sell in most departments. Do you have a keen eye on Diyas? Browse throughout our website to view more products from Diyas. 


Track Lights

Here at Big Living we offer a wide range of tack lights and LED track lights that will suit all types of rooms. We offer a range of sizes, so that you’ll be sure to find the right one to fit perfectly. Browse through to find the one destined to be yours.


Ceiling Lights

Choosing the right ceiling light is crucial as it determines the atmosphere and mood. Our ceiling lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes which would mean you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your home. Don’t be afraid to try something new for your ceiling lights may it be LED panel lights or contemporary ceiling lights. Be creative.


Ceiling Downlights

Ceiling downlights have a naturalistic light that will illuminate and highlight the specific area. If you’re looking for lighting without the ‘wow factor’ ceiling downlights would be your perfect solution. Browse through to find the perfect ceiling downlight for your home. Simply narrow down the filter to find the perfect ceiling downlights. 


Lantern Lights 

Lantern lights have a grand overall look which would most definitely stand out from everything else. Here at Big Living we have a range of indoor and outdoor lanterns that differ with size, colour and capabilities. Browse through our selection for an individual description.


Office Pendant Lights

Choosing the right pendant light for your office is as important as choosing what you’re going to wear. It’s a decision between do you want something small and petit, something grand or something inbetween. Yet it still have to feature a professional look. Here at Big Living we want to make your life easier with our handy filter. 


Recessed Ceiling Lights

At Big Living our recessed lights are are a great alternative to any other ceiling fixtures as they’re installed within the hollows of the ceiling. Also known for pot lighting and can lighting, they have low wattage this lighting will be sure to effective and long lasting.