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Indoor LED Fairy Lights


Big Living LED fairy lights are a simple feature,but one that is perfect to brighten up any space you desire, inside or outside. The butterfly fairy lights have an essence of nature which will lift up and enhance most types of interior design. Our indoor fairy lights are also ideal for children’s bedrooms, as they have a magical, and translucent effect. These can be hooked onto the wall above a bed or intertwined around a headboard. It would also be great in an area where children spend their time, such as a reading or play area for a soft and gentle lighting effect. The wiring in lights are thin and easy to bend into different angles, allowing you to get creative in a way you can’t with other lights. Not sure if fairy lights are what you’re looking for? Worry not, there are plenty of indoor lights across our web site, have a browse through and you’ll definitely find something to suit your house. Contact our team for more information, we’re happy to help.