About Us

Big Living is an online Furniture distribution store that is also a British company which was incorporated in 2013 and has been growing rapidly ever since with quality and grand customer service in mind along with a range of new stocks and items over the years, including everything from lighting products to furniture and giftware. No matter what space you’re looking to fill, we will have something to suit the need of the desired room.

Here at Big Living, we aim to ensure each and every single one of our customers can find everything they need to transform their house into a home. We provide a vast array of categories and high-quality products for every occasion and styles including contemporary or vintage. We have everything your house can dream for and at competitive and unbelievable prices. We provide everything from a comfortable double Sofa bed all the way to the smaller and more decorative items such as photo frames and tea candle lights. We also aim to provide our customers with a unique and easy shopping experience like no other.

Big Living provides thousands of furniture solutions from top brands such as CIMC, Diyas, Endon, Premier Housewares, PD Global, Core products and many more… Which are all at affordable prices on Big Living online store and come in various styles, colours and sizes to suit the customers' needs and requirements to help create their perfect home. We have the styles and pieces to inspire, excite and compliment your home giving every single room its own focal point and beautiful in its own way.

So, how does Big Living work you may ask? Well, with our easy to use search options let you find the exact product and style you need to suit your tastes and that fits perfectly into any space you desire within your house. Whatever you need, whether it’s colourful cushions and floor lamps to renew and enhance your living room and give it that extra flare, or maybe even glass tables and furniture for a superior dining experience, perhaps modern or classic chest of drawers for your bedroom, or a desk to make your workspace homelier. No matter what gap or space you’re looking to fill up, Big Living has got you covered. Our multi-culture and friendly team at BigLiving will be here to support at every step of the way, so browse our categories, find the perfect piece for your room today and we will take care of the rest, ensuring everything is delivered to your door with the click of a button.

We strongly believe the everyone has a different style and different way of expressing their interior creativity, with thoughtfully designed pieces of luxury and efficient furniture. We have very close attention to detail here at Big Living and we want to make sure every inch of your product is perfect for you upon purchase, we want to help make your home an iconic and enjoyable with efficient furniture and objects that can complement and be used in everyday life.