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If you dread seeing a slippery bathroom floor after someone steps out of the shower, get some high-quality bath mats and solve the problem at once. With soft and comfy shower mats under your feet, you won’t have to struggle with a wet floor any longer. BigLiving offers a massive collection of bathroom mats that are functional, comfortable, and affordable altogether. With a non-slip bath mat, you can protect your kids from slipping over the wet floor and maintain a clean bathroom as well. BigLiving‘s absorbent bath mats look cosy and make your bathroom more luxurious. Whether you need bath mat sets for different corners of the bathroom or a single non-slip mat for the door, BigLiving already has it. We have several bath mat sets in exclusive designs that will help you set-up a neat bathroom.
You can get some colorful mats for the kids’ bathroom and easily teach them the way to keep the floor dry after they step out of the tub. Also, you can get dark-coloured mats to complement your luxury bathroom and to give it a dash of comfort. Cotton bath mats are perfect for absorbing the extra drops of water once you are done washing up so that the floor doesn’t get wet. Similarly, rubber and polyvinyl mats provide a non-slip surface in the shower area. These rubber mats have suction cups to offer additional safety and grip.

Antimicrobial rubber bath mats for the shower

Moisture and steam accumulation stimulates the growth of mould under shower mats which not only looks nasty but is also harmful to health. That’s the reason, BigLiving has designed a wide range of antimicrobial rubber mats with suction cups under them. These mats prevent mould growth so that the floor’s tiles remain clean. When a wet mat stays on the floor for long, it can cause rust and mould, eventually distorting the bathroom’s look. However, with BigLiving‘s antimicrobial shower mats, you can ensure that there is no mould and mildew between the tiles.

Soft cotton mats for the bathroom door

A soft cotton mat looks cosy outside your bathroom’s door and doesn’t let you experience the cold air while you put the flip flops on. Moreover, these cotton mats feel comfy under the toes when you get ready for work and lets you relax a bit. BigLiving has the most stylish bathroom door mats so that you can add some funk in your place. Whether you want a pebble-like mat for the powder room or a soft pale one for your attached bathroom, BigLiving‘s collection has many options in each category.
Smart footwear cleaner mats
If you don’t want to see dirty grout in the bathroom, make sure that the outside dirt doesn’t enter it. These smart footwear cleaner mats will help you maintain hygienic condition in the bathroom by removing all dirt and pollutants from the shoes. When someone enters or exits the bathroom, their shoes will be cleaned easily so that your tiles don’t get wet/dirty.

Stylish bathroom mats for the washbasin area

If you want to make a bathroom luxurious, you must select its mats carefully because that speaks a lot about your sense-of-style. BigLiving has some very cosy and beautiful large mats for your washbasin that help you keep the bathroom tidied up. These mats feel soft and stop moisture accumulation as well. Also, most of these mats can be washed with a machine so that you don’t have to compromise on the hygiene either.
If you have older people at the house, get BigLiving‘s exclusive non-slip mats for their bathroom so that they are never exposed to any danger of slipping. Or if you simply want some newness in the home, get some funky bath mats and easily uplift the aura of your place. BigLiving has a wide variety of bath mats that look sophisticated in your home without costing you a fortune. Contact us online or instore for great discounts and free UK delivery on all orders.