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Toilet Roll Holders


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Toilet roll holders – they can also create a difference

While setting the interiors, we don’t ponder much over the style of a toilet roll holder, do we? Most of us pick a random toilet roll holder thinking it to be an unimportant part of the bathroom. However, if your bathroom has a shiny stainless steel toilet roll holder, it’ll always look classy and make your home tidy.

Handy styles

Reaching out to the wall-mounted toilet roll holder or a freestanding toilet roll holder, both ways are easy when you’ve planned it thoroughly. If your place is compact, a freestanding toilet roll holder comes in handy. It doesn’t come in your loo’s way and allows you to move it around. Once you’ve used it, a freestanding toilet holder can be placed in the cabinet/cupboard. Similarly, for slightly wider bathrooms, wall-mounted and floor standing toilet roll holders are perfect. They can be placed at an arm’s distance from the loo; they always look minimalist. Our floor standing toilet roll holders have storage space for extra rolls too. With their little drawers, you’ll be able to store 2-3 rolls at once; running out of the roll won’t bother you anymore.
Keeping the bathroom floor dry, clean, and odour-free is feasible when you have a good storage place for the toilet brush. That’s the reason BigLiving has designed toilet roll holder stands with designated space for toilet brush holders. This roll-cum-brush holder helps you neatly store these two essentials and prevent insects, flies, and smell that accumulates around an uncovered toilet brush.

Sophisticated finishes

Apart from the convenient designs, BigLiving‘s toilet roll holders come in a variety of colours to complement your interior décor. If your loo, mirror frame, and cabinets have a metallic finish, chrome toilet roll holders will look dazzling with them. Our chrome-finish toilet roll holders look glistening, retro-themed, and sleek. Also, to match your wooden cabinets and drawers, we will provide a dashing wooden toilet roll holder. Since wooden toilet roll holders are scarce, you should definitely opt for these unique pieces if you love exclusivity. In your luxuriously decorated bathroom, a crystal toilet roll holder is going to be a rock-on. These shiny toilet roll holders emit radiant light and oomph up your loo’s overall look. When getting every home décor item in matching colour/style is your passion, look no further than BigLiving‘s enormous collection of toilet roll holders. For your neat white bathroom walls, we will offer an exclusively designed white toilet roll holder that matches with the surroundings and doesn’t look dis-proportionate in a minimally decorated bathroom.
In the kids’ bathroom, a delicate toilet roll holder might not be a good choice since those frisky beings tend to break things often. Therefore, a durable plastic roll holder from BigLiving‘s classy collection will work impressively well in kids’ bathroom. No matter how much they play with it while doing their business, a plastic toilet roll holder stays in place and doesn’t come off very often. A modish toilet roll holder free standing along your wall or a chrome holder mounted on the wall, pick whatever style you want and get it at BigLiving. We ensure that our home essentials are handy, classy, and specially designed to complement your preferences. Whether you like extravagant accessories or wish to keep the home low-key adorned, BigLiving has endless choices in each design, colour, and material. Visit our web shop and leave the worries of home décor to us!