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Discover Dressing tables Now

Dressing table is one of the essential bedroom furniture in your home. Setting your makeup and daily use products at a hand’s distance is only feasible when you have the perfect dressing table in your room. A dressing table will be the center of attention in your bedroom, only if its style is attractive and you have kept it well-organized. When your wardrobe is full, and you can’t adjust everything in it, think of a big dressing table as a solution. As most dressing tables have large drawers, they can work as small closets where you can keep shoe-boxes, documents, magazines, medicines, towels, and even clothes. Also, when you rush out for work and need a quick makeup without struggling to find your cosmetics and jewelry, your dressing table will prove to be extremely important. Dressing tables vary widely, depending upon your cosmetics collection and the room’s size. 
Either you need a vanity dresser or a full-sized table, an enormous list of options is always available online at BigLiving UK. We offer a chic selection of best dressing tables at cheap prices in unique colors, shapes, style, sizes & brands. Here’re some of the options to choose from: 

Mirrored Dressing Tables

Mirrored dressing tables are multi-functional. They work as a dresser, a mini-wardrobe, and a console table simultaneously. These tables either come with a separate mirror to be mounted on your wall or have an attached mirror with an outer frame. Mirrored dressing tables are usually massive as they have drawers, side racks, and a larger front. If you have a spacious room, look in the list of mirrored dressing tables. However, if you cannot make space for a big table, vanity mirrored dressing tables are also there to serve you. A vanity table will have a smaller mirror and lesser drawers so that it doesn’t become a barrier in your room. Moreover, if you live alone and do not have many things to arrange, vanity dressing table is the perfect choice for you. 
Explore our huge range of beautiful dressing tables including smoked clear mirror dressing table in white & black with 4 drawers at lower prices at BigLiving UK. 100% quality assurance. Shop our great dressing table sets with confidence for your home.

Small Dressing Tables

Small dressing tables often have a single central drawer, small mirror, and a narrow front. These tables are perfect for single people who do not have to share their place with anyone and wish to keep everything well-sorted. 
Small dressing tables can not only adjust in narrow rooms & bathrooms but also a quick solution to your cluttering problem. At our bedroom furniture section, you can find a vast range of small dressing tables for your home decor that suits your style very well.

Kids Dressing Tables

Kids have a lot of stuff which you are bound to arrange time and again. Mostly, their cupboards give up and cannot hold any more toys and activity tables. In such situations, kids’ dressing tables are a smart choice. 
Although kids’ dressing tables are smaller in length (to match their heights), they mostly have large drawers underneath. No matter how much toys your kid has collected, you can fit them in his/her dressing table and save the little one from tripping over the toys. Feel free to buy designer dressing tables for your children with in your budget only at BigLiving UK.

Single Pedestal Dressing Table

Space is always a problem in apartments and joint family homes as no one wants to bump in the furniture while moving around. To help you with that, single pedestal dressing tables are made. You get drawers on one side and space on the other, which is used to keep the dressing stool/chair. 
Single pedestal dressing tables remove the hurdle of one extra chair in your already compact room and stay under the table. 

Oak Dressing Tables

Oak is known to be durable, gives an antique touch to the house, and looks sophisticated. If you are fond of antique objects, oak dressing tables are made especially for you. At BigLiving UK, we provide you the perfect collection of oak dressing tables online come in various sizes & styles that give you the freedom to choose your favourite choice for your bedroom furniture. 

Dressing Table with Stools

When you need a calm makeover session, dragging a chair from outside to sit is nothing but an annoyance. That’s the time when dressing table with stools come in the picture. These stools have the same color and style as the dressing table itself and make it a complete furniture unit. There is a reserved spot under most dressing tables where the stool fits in and doesn’t occupy additional space in your room. If you are looking for dressing table & stool for your bedroom then our Marlborough twin & single pedestal dressing table with stool is a great option. 
For bedroom furniture ideas & high quality dressing table range, welcome at BigLiving for lovely collection of home furnishings, decor & furniture at cheap prices with 100% quality assurance. Free Delivery across the UK. Grab deals & offers today. For any query contact us at 0121 667 8312 or you can email us at [email protected]