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1 Door, 4 Drawer Tallboy

£225.00 Incl. VAT

Corner Fitted Wardrobe

£455.00 Incl. VAT

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Wardrobes are as important as a bed is for your room. Without a nicely arranged wardrobe, finding clothes will always be a mumbo jumbo for you. Mainly when you are conscious about what to wear and what not to, categorizing your clothes according to different occasions is unavoidable. Wardrobes hold our endless belongings and help to keep them clean and safe. Moreover, the drawers inside wardrobes are almost everybody’s safe space for keeping precious items. You can live comfortably even in a small room if you have a wardrobe to hide your hoarded items. However, since all of us have different priorities, there are numerous remarkable wardrobe options available with luxurious styles. From modern oak wardrobe with doors, drawers & mirrors to traditional wardrobes with swing doors & sliding doors, we offer every type of wardrobes that match with your home decor style. Visit us at BigLiving UK, for best wardrobes home decor & furniture items.
Here are some of the best wardrobes you should consider for your new home: 

Double and triple door wardrobes

Couples need double the space than singles to keep clothes, shoes, accessories, and other items safe and arranged. Double and triple door wardrobes are explicitly made for shared rooms and can hold a massive amount of things inside. Either you are a shopaholic or live with your partner, double and triple door wardrobes will never let you struggle while sorting things out. There are two (or more) hanging rails, big drawers, and various shelves in these giant wardrobes. A wardrobe with a double or triple door will be a perfect fit for your master bedroom. Whether you are looking for 2 door, 2 drawer wardrobe bedroom furniture or 2 door, 1 drawer wardrobe with dark wood finish, find every style you are looking for online or instore at BigLiving UK.

Sliding wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes look elegant, don’t take much space, and are way more functional. You can get a customized sliding wardrobe for your home and add/remove shelves as per your choice. 
Sliding wardrobes have larger hanging rails and more shelves than regular ones and work brilliantly to keep your place tidy. 

Wardrobes with drawers 

Drawers immensely help us in keeping the room clean, organized, and spacious. No one likes overloaded stuff in front of the dressing table or on the bed side-tables. wardrobes with drawers hold in our lesser-used belongings and don’t let us forget where an important document is kept. 
Keeping your pricey possessions and money is a lot easier when you can lock the drawers and ensure they are safe. Wardrobes with drawers let you categorize items as per their importance so that you don’t end up brainstorming in search of an important thing. Look at our perfect range of wooden 1 drawer oak finish wardrobe, 2 door, 1 drawer combination with dove grey finish clothes storage wardrobes with internal shelf for your bedroom at BigLiving UK.

Fitted wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are one of the most common wardrobes since most households have at least one such cupboard. These fitted wardrobes help us save space in the room. As there are distinct places for these wardrobes, they do not occupy additional area in already compact spaces. These corners work like a secret hideout for your clothes and keep your things safe. Buy online our pickwick 3 door classic fitted wardrobe with material soil pine hand waxed with antique finish.

Mirrored wardrobes

When keeping the room minimalistic is your priority, mirrored wardrobes come in handy. 
These wardrobes serve as a dresser and wardrobe simultaneously and overcome the need of separate chest drawers. In mirrored wardrobes, you can store your daily use products and use the mirror while applying them; no need to rush to the bathroom mirror. 

Corner wardrobes

These wardrobes are another solution for tiny and attic rooms where regular styled wardrobes cannot fit. If you are moving to a rather small apartment, the corner wardrobes will help you keep the room clean and organized. Corner wardrobes have hanging rails on one side and shelves on the other. So, you can keep the clothes crease-free and hoard smaller items on the shelves. Get now wonderful bedroom furniture deals & corner wardrobes for sale online at BigLiving UK.