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Either you need a sparkling decorations for your narrow hallway or need an anchor behind the living room sofa; a console table is a handy option. Console tables are tall, slim, and wide; they can fit in all rooms and hallways and add life to the formerly dull corners of your home. As console tables have narrow tops, adjusting them in narrow spaces without creating a hurdle for family members is effortless. Moreover, during family feasts and snack times, the dining table can become overstuffed, which makes keeping utensils tidy a bit difficult. During such times, placing food serving bowls on a console table can help you reduce clutter from the dining table. While picking items for home décor, a console table must be in your to-shop list as they never go out-of-fashion and help decorate and organize various valuable objects. If a console table is durable, it will serve you for years to come and add buoyancy to your hallway without demanding for regular upkeep. BigLiving UK, offers a versatile range of console tables in distinct designs, shapes, style, color, material & more.
Here are some remarkable types of console tables that you should consider: 

Mirrored console tables

When your room is extra small, or you are compelled to adjust numerous furniture items in the bedroom, adjusting a full-sized dresser can be problematic. Fortunately, mirrored console tables work two-way and serve as a dresser and work desk simultaneously. Mirrored console tables have a large mirror with some drawers under the tabletop, which enhances their usability. Console tables with mirrors are multi-functional as you can use them as a study desk, computer table, dresser, and, most importantly, an extravagant decorative item. Mirrors make an enclosed space look spacious and are go-to solutions if you need a quick touch up for your home. Regardless of the place, mirrored console tables look classy, elegant, and sleek. They maintain a smooth flow of your home and do not come in your way, unlike those bulky tables. Visit us for cool collection of mirrored console tables at affordable prices from BigLiving UK.

Hallway console table 

A hallway console table is the first thing your guests would notice when they step in your home. Hence, it must speak for your interests, skills, and organizing ability. If your hallway is empty or loaded with adornments, it can relay a wrong impression to the onlookers. But, if you opt for the hallway console table, it will be a worthwhile investment. No matter what size and style you pick, this table will surely add value to your home’s entrance.
Additionally, arranging email stash by the door so that all family members can pick them individually will become a painless activity with your hallway console table. These tables serve as shared storage space for all family members and prevent things from piling up by the door. 

Console table with drawers

The console table with drawers is the most purposeful type of these slim tables. They have drawers for tidying up daily-use items, provide a counter-top for arranging numerous ornamental pieces and can fit everywhere. A console table with drawers can be used as a mini-closet, study table, book rack, and a dresser; depending upon your needs. When you don’t have any more space left in the kitchen cabinets for crockery items, these drawers will come to the rescue. Similarly, the console table with drawers placed in your room offers space for your bed snacks, books, study notes, and bathing items at a hand’s distance. 

Marble console tables

Marble console tables are easy-to-clean, remain shiny throughout the years, and suit with all wall colors. If you aim to buy a console table for your kitchen, a marble top should be your priority. Since glass and wooden tables can get dirty in the kitchen, they can lose their shine with time.
Having a marble top table means wiping/cleaning it would never be bothersome. Also, marble console tables are quite durable and work best in homes with toddlers where glass items are a bane for the parents. 

Cheap console tables

Albeit their usability, console tables don’t leave a hole in your pocket. There are plenty of cheap console tables available, and that too, with brilliant styles and resilience. If your budget is limited, you can select from an enormous list of cheap console tables at BigLiving UK and decorate your home while staying in your set budget. Grab the ultimate offers now!
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