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Exclusive Wall clock collection for your beautiful home

Adding character in the house is effortless when you have a designated wall clock for every room. From kitchen to hallways and living room to the library, a beautiful wall clock can collectively uplift your home’ aura without looking out-of-proportion. If you are not a fan of lavish ornaments and wish to keep the interiors sophisticated, Bigliving’s wall clocks are your best bet. Our wall clock collection is here to add some spark and personality to your place so that you don’t have to bother decorating it any further. A well thought out wall clock relays your interests and preferences altogether. Whether you are a fan of traditional wall clocks or prefer contemporary ones, Bigliving has sorted every option for you. Our wall clock range comes in a variety of designs, sizes, and colours so that you can personalize your space. From a sparkly glass wall clock to a vintage brass wall clock, you’ll find every option at Bigliving. This premium wall clock range is assorted for all home décor themes, and you won’t have to look elsewhere if your place has multiple themes. Scroll through this wall clock collection and find the best-suited piece for your home at incredible prices.

Ornate wall clock for your kitchen

The majority doesn’t bother adding a wall clock to the kitchen while decorating it because it is deemed unnecessary. However, home décor isn’t always conducted to meet specific requirements; it gives you peace of mind and a dash of spark to your lovely place. When there is a rustic central wall clock on the central kitchen wall, it makes everything interconnected and well-timed. You can either get a wooden wall clock to complement your cabinets from Bigliving’s variety or opt for a contemporary glass wall clock to oomph up the place. A beige or pale wall clock will look captivating if you have white kitchen cabinets. Similarly, for those who prefer brighter shades, Bigliving has red, black, gold, brass, silver, and pink wall clocks as well. This wall clock variety will help you create contrast in the kitchen and become the centre of attraction as well.

Vintage wall clock for the study

Books, wall clocks, and vintage feels go side by side. Every reader loves a peaceful and traditional sitting space where he can unwind after a tiring day. If you are setting a home library or want to revamp the existing one, don’t forget to buy an antique wall clock for it. Whether you prefer earthy shades or glossy ones, Bigliving’s wall clock range has got your back nevertheless. We have designed these exclusive rustic clocks to give your library a dash of elegance without going overboard. If you prefer minimalism, a smaller wall clock of light colour will do the job. Bigliving’s wall clocks are captivating, long-lasting, and inexpensive altogether to make home décor easier for you.

Minimalist wall clock for the living room

The living room is the central place of any home where fun and happy moments are shared amongst the family members. The fact that a living room speaks for the sense of style makes its decorating phase more challenging. If you don’t want to compromise on the outlook of your living room, get a large and exclusive wall clock from Bigliving right away. We have sorted multiple options for your living room so that no one has to compromise on the style. If you want some contrast in the place, opt for a light and minimalist wall clock. But, if you like matching ornaments, we have brass, silver, gold, and matte wall clocks as well. You can select these items depending upon the prevalent colours in the living room and portray a thoughtful look of it. Whichever theme you have in-place, Bigliving wall clock range is here to complement it.

Customized wall clock for the little one’s room

Motivating the kids to study is easier when their study desk has some funky items atop it. Whether you want to teach him/her reading the wall clock or wish to add some uplifting quotes in the room, Bigliving has got your back. This wall clock range has zillions of options for the kids’ rooms to help you give them a happy little reading space. If your little one loves space, we have astronaut-themed wall clock to keep his/her spirits high. Also, if your kid loves bright and funky colours, don’t worry at all. Bigliving has sparkly and upbeat wall clocks to match their taste. You can efficiently train them to be punctual and follow a routine by marking time for different activities on a Bigliving wall clock. We have made this collection to give your home an energized and upbeat feeling.

Glass wall clock on the top a console table in entryway  

Most of us ignore hallways while buying ornaments and wall clocks. However, a little attention to the hallway’s detailing can make a big difference. If you have a console table near to the main door, get a large wall clock to hang atop it. This wall clock can be wooden, glass, or metallic, depending upon the console table. When you set a welcoming and nerdy hallway, it relays a positive ambience. Hallway console tables are best to showcase your sense-of-style and interests; Bigliving’s wall clocks further ease it.
From delicate glass wall clocks to durable and rust-proof metal clocks, Bigliving has assorted every category for you. We have zillions of choices to make your home lively, welcoming, and elegant; check out this wall clock range and see for yourself.