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Carefully installed downlights can add more character in a place and enhance its grace simultaneously. These recessed downlights radiate narrow beams of light on your preferred objects and give them a gentle glow. Once you select the appropriate lights for your kitchen, bathrooms, and rooms, you won’t have to look for any other lighting option. Instead, these smart lights fit perfectly inside your ceiling and illuminate the whole room. Whether you have low ceilings or higher ones, BigLiving‘s fire rated downlights will easily fit with them and won’t ask for any upkeep. BigLiving has designed a vast collection of reliable and fire rated lights that don’t expose your home to any harm. From beautiful crystal diyas to round metallic designs, our range of Silver Downlights has multiple options to make the choice easier for you. If you have a minimalistic apartment, our round brass downlights will complement its aura and won’t create a contrast with the interiors.

Similarly, our crystal downlights are ideal for more upbeat and spacious homes. Whichever style you select, it will make your place look more charming and spacious. Downlights are also perfect for narrow homes where you cannot experiment with the lighting but still need a captivating solution. These lights’ beautiful designs will add to the beauty of your ceiling and ensure that no corner of the house feels dull.

Safe fire rated bathroom downlights

Due to the relatively lower ceilings, the bathroom lights are often exposed to water splashes and moisture accumulation. That’s the reason BigLiving has designed a massive range of fire-rated and safe downlights for your bathrooms. Whichever ceiling style you have in the bathrooms, these adjustable downlights will easily go with it and provide you with natural task lighting. Since we need more focused lighting on the sink and the shower area, these integrated LED downlights come in handy for that. You can select the number of lights depending upon the bathroom’s size and whether or not you need focused lighting for different corners of it.

Glossy large kitchen downlights

Kitchen ceilings are mostly higher, which indicates the importance of more dynamic lighting. If you want to illuminate every object in the kitchen, our round recessed downlights will help you. These lights are great for tasks and overall lighting alike so that you don’t have to leave a corner unattended. Whether you wish to focus the dishwasher or the stove, these glossy lights are the answer. BigLiving‘s collection is available in different shapes and sizes to help you select the pieces depending upon your kitchen’s theme. If you have a minimalist kitchen, get some matte black downlights to match it. But if you need more grandeur in the house, BigLiving large crystal diyas will do-the-job. These lights never look mismatched with the ceiling and help you set an elegant kitchen without spending a heft. Our square downlights are affordable and stylish, which makes them ideal for every household.

Rust-proof and dashing outdoor downlights

If you need a long-lasting option for your driveway or the patio, we have got your back. Our extensive range of rust-proof and high-quality outdoor lights lets you add some class in every corner of the home without breaking your bank. If you are constructing a new home, get these long-lasting downlight ceiling lights right away and forget about any more lighting expenses. We have manufactured these lights from good quality material and installed LED bulbs in them so that your energy bill doesn’t rise unnecessarily.BigLiving has a massive collection of ceiling lights for your kitchen, bathrooms, rooms, and driveway so that you can match them with the theme. No need to settle for those odd-looking lights, try BigLiving and treat your home with these classy downlights.

Best LED downlights UK

We've purposely chosen to sell only high quality, reliable products that we have the utmost confidence in. From our extensive knowledge of LED lighting we've hand picked only the very best possible lighting products which we've sold over an extended period of time. Having evolved into perfection, these products require little or no maintenance. Fit and forget!