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43% Off
Beli Pendant Light, Metal Wire, Blue - Big Living
43% Off
Beli Pendant Light, Metal Wire, White - Big Living
43% Off
Beli Pendant Light, Metal Wire, Pink - Big Living
5% Off
Hanging Pendant Light Tarbes E27 Black Dia 175 Mm
29% Off
Elsa Shade Satin Nickel/Crystal - Diyas

Elsa Shade Satin Nickel/Crystal - Diyas

£36.02   £25.73 Incl. VAT

29% Off
Nelson Shade Antique Brass/Crystal - Diyas
29% Off
Apollo Shade Satin Gold/Crystal

Apollo Shade Satin Gold/Crystal

£40.14   £28.67 Incl. VAT

Pendant lights for bathroom, dining area & hallways

Pendant lights quickly glam up your place and help you portray exclusivity throughout the home. If you are bored by those plain-looking pendant lights and need some exquisite pieces for your sweet home, BigLiving is the best place to be. With zillions of option in dazzling pendant lighting, we are here to make your home mesmerizing. Showing your aesthetic sense is easy when you find some captivating home lighting options to beautify your favourite items in the house. Whether you have a beautiful terrace or an open-air kitchen, these amazing pendant lights will add to their class for sure. Series pendant lights always draw attention towards them and do complete justice to the object which they illuminate. If you want to irradiate all parts of your home without making it extravagant, these glass pendant lights will make this pursuit easier for you. Our extensive range of pendant lights will cover your kitchen, bathrooms, hallways, dining area, and balcony alike so that no portion feels unattended. Whether you have a minimalistic apartment or a huge mansion, BigLiving‘s pendant lights will complement its aura and dash some spark to it.

Buy exclusive pendant lighting UK online

BigLiving has the UK’s most wide-ranging pendant lighting collection as it includes all styles, sizes, colours, and materials. Whichever theme you want to follow, we already have it; scroll through our massive variety and give your home a gracious gift of hanging lights.

Modern pendant lighting

For contemporary homes, we have delicate pendant lights that complement their charm and don’t look old-school in a modern place. From glass pendant lights for your staircase to black pendant light for your kitchen table, BigLiving is here to provide you with all choices. To decorate your hallway, we have cluster pendant lights that brighten up the whole area alike and spread a welcoming aura.

Vintage pendant lighting

If you are a fan of retro-themed homes, we got you. From a brass pendant light for your library to gold pendant light for the living room, BigLiving has sorted everything already. Large pendant lighting looks incredible in vintage homes, and it helps you portray an extravagant vibe around. Also, no need to spend a fortune to get antique pendant lighting for your home. We have the most inexpensive hanging lights in a retro style that oomph up your room like never before.

Industrial pendant lighting

If you want to decorate your café, spa, or any business spot, you are in the right place. Our large hard-wired industrial pendant lights will help you personalize your workplace and glam it up without even spending a heft. BigLiving offers pendant lights to match everyone’s sense-of-style and needs alike. Whether you need dimmable copper pendant light or colourful pendant light shades, BigLiving has sorted every category for you.

Kitchen pendant lighting

Illuminating your dining area and countertop with stylish ceiling lights is effortless with our broad range of glass pendant lights. Hanging these delicate lights will enhance your kitchen’s class and make it a welcoming spot for the family. If you like hosting parties, having these mesmerizing pendant lights will ease your process of decorating and save your time as well.

Minimalist bathroom pendant lights

We have small and easy-to-fit pendant lights for your bathroom that will give it a spa-like look. Your wish of getting a luxury bathroom will be completed with our captivating pendant lights. From single painted light shades to metallic caged ones, we have many options for your bathroom just at a click’s distance. BigLiving is the largest store to buy luxury pendant lights online and dash some charm in the home with ease. These metallic, glass, crystal, and caged pendant lights add sophistication to a room and help you make the ceiling an awe-inspiring sight. Pendant lights look fascinating in hallways, balconies, and dining areas, which indicates that you can personalize these spots without stressing much. Just browse through our collection of pendant lights and instantly bring life to these spots. Our state-of-the-art designs will leave everyone in awe of your interior décor for sure. So, scroll through our wide-ranging lighting store and pick some exclusive articles before they are gone. To decorate your home with style and sensibility, try BigLiving UK today!