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Peneto Led Recessed Light 5W Steel Chrome

Peneto Led Recessed Light 5W Steel Chrome

£32.00   £26.75 Incl. VAT

Buy Recessed lighting Online

Irradiating large rooms with minimal lighting is only possible with these smart recessed lights. If your place feels dull despite having a good number of installed light fixtures, get some recessed ceiling lights and see the difference that they create. These recessed ceiling lights are installed inside the openings of your roof and walls, which makes them look discreet. However, that small size doesn’t mean recessed lighting is not good at illuminating. In fact, the LED bulbs fixed in these lights are incredibly efficient and energy-saving. You won’t have to opt for bigger lights once your ceiling is covered with recessed lighting. These lights complement all roofs, walls, and staircases alike so that you don’t have to stress much. Also, some of BigLiving‘s recessed lights are adjustable, which help you do task illuminating. Recessed lights are perfect for high-activity kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms as you can easily clean them and maintain their shine. Recessed lights, by default, are weatherproof and don’t get rusted with time. Once installed, these lights will serve you for the years to come.

Discreet-yet-efficient lighting solution

If you live in a minimalist place where hanging and protruding lights are totally out of the question, these recessed lights are the best bet. You can get them installed in low-roofed rooms, attics, balconies etc. without worrying about their safety. BigLiving has designed these recessed lights while keeping everyone’s needs in mind so that you don’t have to compromise on the quality.

LED recessed ceiling lights

These LED lights consume the least amount of energy and still illuminate a place without leaving any dull corner in it. If your room/living room is stuffed with furniture and décor items, this lighting will ensure that everything is well-illuminated no matter how small/big it is. These recessed lights and pocket and environment friendly, which makes them a smart pick for every home.

Bathroom recessed lights

We have water-tight bathroom recessed lights that easily fit in every ceiling and brighten up your bathroom without taking much space. Since bathrooms often have low-ceilings, you cannot go for bigger lights in them. That’s the reason, BigLiving has a wide range of bathroom recessed lights at very economical prices.

Recessed lighting for kitchen

Lighting up the kitchen is quite tricky as it has cabinets, shelves, counter, and crockery items etc. But with these eloquent recessed lights, you can make sure that no corner of the kitchen is dark. These lights are easy-to-install and energy-efficient simultaneously. Whether your kitchen is theme-based or plain, these recessed kitchen lights will help you brighten it up with ease.

Recessed wall lights

Our modern recessed lighting isn’t limited to the ceiling as we have options for your walls as well. If you want to illuminate a specific wall, these recessed wall lights will fit it quickly and make it a good display spot. BigLiving’s LED recessed wall lights are rust-proof, water-tight, and durable, which shows that once your home lighting is set, there is no need to worry about the repairs.
Recessed downlights are perfect for narrow spaces and low ceilings where large lights cannot fit. Also, this lighting is an inexpensive and long-lasting solution which makes your place look lively. If you need some beautiful metallic, glass, chrome, or plastic recessed lights, scroll through our collection and get some amazing pieces for your home. BigLiving has numerous shiny recessed lights that stay discreet themselves but don’t let anything go unnoticed in your home. So, get these smart and pocket-friendly lights before they are gone!