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In most modern homes, wall lights are the main source of light in most rooms due to the fact that modern houses have low ceilings and the light is able to illuminate the entire room. They are a great way of lighting up gloomy areas and also highlighting features within the room that may usually go unnoticed.As we often find that our furniture is situated towards walls and the corners of the room, it is often a case that the intensity of the light needs to be higher in that particular area, which is why wall lights are vital in so many homes.Whether you are trying to replace an old or damaged light and need to find something of a similar style or you are looking to completely renovate your room there is something within our lights range for all occasions.

If you are looking for something elaborate and intricately detailed, then you may be able to find what you are looking for within our selection of crystal lighting, which often features complex shapes and designs. For something that is a little simpler in design, you may prefer what we feature within our selection of LED lighting.If you are trying to establish that classic look and are interested in intricately designed pieces which feature brass fittings and curvaceous structures, then you will be pleased to hear that we offer a wide range of traditional wall lights. If the theme of your home is very much orientated towards a contemporary design and includes simple shapes with flashes of silver, then you may find that you prefer what is available within our collection of modern wall lights.With so many different styles, designs and an array of wall lights available, you are bound to find what you are looking for within our stunning selection of indoor wall lights right here at Ocean Lighting. If you like what you see so far, you may find it easier to locate what you are looking for if you refine your search by checking out the modern interior wall lights. Our collection also features a selection of traditional lights for you to browse through and buy from online.

Why Wall Lights?

Wall lighting offers a source of general lighting that works with ceiling lights to provide basic orientation and subtly accentuate a certain part of the room. Mounted at eye level, wall lights can make a strong design statement that can’t be overlooked. And wall lighting can be a great space-saver, too – for example, swing-arm lights for your bedroom.

Browse beautiful wall lights

Wall lights can add a little something extra to a room. They provide the perfect ambience when you're ready to relax.Ultimately, the lighting style you choose will depend on your personal taste, the theme of your living area and what you hope to achieve with the space. Here at BigLiving - there are biggest web-shops for lights, lamps and light bulbs - we’ve got wall washer lights, torch lights, picture lights, recessed lights, swing arms and plug-ins. They’re versatile, visually striking and very, very stylish.

LED Wall Lights

Now you can brighten up your life for longer with LED wall lights. LED bulbs use 90% less energy, so you save a fortune on electricity costs. LED lights are also safer because they’re cooler, and they’re tougher thanks to their epoxy lenses.At BigLiving, you can choose from a vast range of led wall lights uk. Wall lights not only offer extra lighting alongside ceiling lights but also help with orientation while subtly highlighting areas of your room.

These lights can’t be overlooked – fitted at eye level, they make a cool design statement. Wall lighting can save space as well, especially with recessed lights or a swing-arm fitting in the bedroom.Teamed with LED technology, your wall lighting will use less energy, with LEDs lasting up to 25,000 hours, so your electricity bills are lower.