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Lamps give you a fantastic way to give any space a lot more character with only a small addition. Light up any room both figuratively and literally with the addition of a lamp, whether that’s a modern and contemporary lamp, a classic and vintage lamp, or a lamp that has a completely unique style that illuminates your personal style. A retro table lamp can illuminate a dark corner, or a modern floor lamp that comes with an additional reading light can make your Sofas the perfect spot to relax and read. Perhaps you need a decorative lamp to help complete the look of a room. At BigLiving, we have searched far and wide to offer you the best range of lamps anywhere on the internet, from all of the best manufacturers. Simply search through the BigLiving site, and you’re sure to find that lamp that is perfect for you and the space you want to light up.

When it comes to choosing a lamp, there are a number of things to think about for example, where is the lamp going, what is the décor of that room, what will it be used for, how much light will the lamp need to produce? A lamp, no matter what type of lamp it is, can instantly draw a person’s eye, whether they know it or not, so as casual as acquiring a lamp may seem, your lamp can help to tie your room together.


Table Lamps

If you’re searching for designer table lamps for sale online and just can’t find what you’re looking for, is sure to have just the table lamp you’ve been questing for. Just search the BigLiving site for table lamps, all of which are at great prices and you will be amazed at the seemingly unending range of table lamps we have to offer.

There’s nothing else in your home that can instantaneously transform the ambiance of a space than a table lamp, whether it’s the table lamps illumination, or it’s unique look, a table lamp has the ability to complete the look of any space. With the simple addition of a table lamp, you can transform your bedroom into a reading gallery, your home office into a late-night workstation, or simply transform a living room with the table lamps elegant looks.

As well as table lamps affecting the atmosphere of a room, table lamps can also complement and improve the existing décor of a space, at a small cost. For every space, we have the table lamp that will complete its look, illuminate its unique style, and look good doing it. The important thing is that you find the best place for your new table lamp. Where will it look at its best, where will it provide the most light, and most importantly, is their space for a table for the table lamp to sit on? Once you know, the hard work begins. At BigLiving, we have literally hundreds of different table lamps on offer, that would match almost any internal décor you could imagine. The fact is, if you have any kind of internal space, we have the table lamp for it. Just take a look at the BigLiving website, and get your hands on your perfect, dream table lamp today, and illuminate that hall, office bedroom or living room with a perfectly appointed desk lamp.


Desk Lamps

The very name, “Table Lamp” tells the whole story. Table lamps simply sit on your desk or workstation shedding light on whatever you’re working on, but beyond this banal description, there is much more to think about when selecting the perfect desk lamp. In a living space like your living room, a desk lamp is a great way of making the space cosier, and are much better than the much brighter ceiling light when you want to relax with the television, and people who work from a home office, a desk lamp is the perfect companion on those late nights when you’re working.  Whether your office is at home or at work, a desk lamp is vital. It’s vital at providing light on those dark, work-filled nights, and the fact is, the right desk lamp makes any workspace look fantastic, after all, who said that your workplace doesn’t have to look both stylish and functional. Light up your desk or any workspace with BigLiving’s extensive range of led desk lamps to match any environment and style. With such a stylish, fashionable and functional range of desk lamps, in industrial, modern, vintage and artistic desk lamps from a range of the best desk lamp manufacturers, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. The fact is, with BigLiving having such a huge range of different desk lamps on offer, you are sure to find the exact desk lamp for you.

Floor Lamps

The BigLiving array of modern floor lamps will be one of the largest ranges of floor lamps you are ever likely to see online. Our assortment of floor lamps helps give a room an ambient, warm light, while the floor lamp also acts as a stylish piece of décor. The BigLiving collection of floor lamps includes classic, vintage floor lamps, ultra-modern, contemporary floor lamps and floor lamps you would never have imagined existed before you checked out the BigLiving floor lamp section. Realising the optimal lighting arrangement for any space can be a challenge, especially when looking at floor lamps, as floor lamps can be dominant pieces in any room.

Floor lamps, which are also known sometimes as standard lamps, can be as high as 6-foot-tall, and floor lamps also mostly throw their light down to the base of the floor lamp. The more modern designed floor lamps have a much more contemporary and modern design that casts light in different directions, and often look nothing like a floor lamp traditionally does. Floor lamps can also come in a wide range of different materials and compositions. Traditionally metal and wooden floor lamps have been the primary material that floor lamps have been made from, but the range of materials is now far more extensive. You just have to decide what style of floor lamp best suits your space, but no matter where you want to put your desk lamp, we have just the floor lamp for your décor, ensuring that your new BigLiving floor lamp is both functional and fashionable. Just go to the BigLiving website, type in a floor lamp, and just pick your perfect floor lamp from our floor lamp selection. The choice is yours.


Lamp Base

Do you have your eye on a great lamp, but feel like it would look better with a lamp shade you already have? At BigLiving, we have the perfect solution. Simply buy your lamp base separately from the huge range of ceramic lamp bases we have on offer.

You can mix and match your lamp style and design by buying the lamp base separately. We have a large range of lamp bases for you to choose from. Creating your own special and unique lamp by buying a lamp base is simple with our fantastic selection of stylish, modern and classic lamp bases. At BigLiving, we have a wide range of styles and materials for you to choose from when searching for your perfect lamp base. Whether you’re looking for a lamp base for a desk lamp in the office, a lamp base for the table lamp in the bedroom, or a lamp base for your living room floor lamp, we have the lamp base for you, and with a range of lamp bases this big, you’re sure to find the lamp base in the style you want. The fact is, that when it comes to lamps, the default look isn’t always to your taste. Simply buying the lamp base will open up your creativity and, with just a lamp base in hand, you can create a unique lamp, made just for you and your personal space. Check out our range of lamp bases today, you won’t be disappointed with the range of lamp bases on offer with BigLiving.


Clip on Lamps

Sometimes you need a little light where space is at a premium. With the help of a clip-on lamp, you can shine some light exactly where you want it, thanks to BigLiving’s handy range of clip-on lamps. Illuminate the book you're reading, use a clip-on lamp for a desk, or simply use the clip on lamp by your bed site. The versatility of the clip-on lamp is its main virtue, and when you angle a clip on light just right, a clip on lamps can make a great feature in any room. Innovative clip-on lamps come in a wide range of different colours, styles, and designs to match both classic and modern décor. With the versatility of the clip on lamp and its adjustable arm, you can be sure that your clip on lamp is exactly what you need in those tight spaces. A clip-on lamp allows you to direct the light to the precise spot where light is needed.

Clip-on lights can be used in a whole host of places making them the preferred choice for more unusual places. They are ideal for offices, garages, workspaces, reading spaces and any activity that needs some illumination. At BigLiving, we have a huge range of clip-on lamps available, including bright LED clip-on lamps. Most of our clip-on lamps are them are mains powered, and come with a long cable making our clip-on lamps dexterous. At BigLiving, we have an impressive array of clip-on spotlights, making it simple for you to find the right clip-on lamp for the job. Just browse the BigLiving site and you’re sure to find the clip on lamp you’re looking for.No matter space, we have the clip on lamp for it.


Crystal Lamps

Crystal lamps and glass lamps are a truly unique and stylish type of lamp. Crystal lamps exude elegance and class like no other type of lamp. They perfectly mix form with function and enhance any space with their light and their looks. They have the functionality of a standard lamp, but crystal lamps have some added magic to them. Crystal lamps reflect light like no other type of lamp. Check out BigLiving's range of striking crystal table lamps and add some elegant sparkle to any room.

Crystal table lamps are loved by many because of their sophisticated, timeless style and graceful that transforms the look of a room. Not only do crystal table lamps look great, when they are turned on, but they look great even when they are switched off as well. When the natural light catches a crystal lamp at the right angle, they glow spectacularly. Crystal lamps have something special about them that appeals to people where others don’t. Crystal lamps just have a special place for many people that a standard lamp just doesn’t. Crystal lamps come in a big range of different colours to complement any décor. With our range of different coloured crystal lamps, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your home. When it comes to finding crystal lamps, BigLiving is your one-stop show. Browse our range, and get your hands on some of the most beautiful crystal lamps you will ever see.