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White Task Floor Lamp

£42.00 Incl. VAT

Black Task Floor Lamp

£42.00 Incl. VAT

See your home in a whole new light with BigLiving's contemporary range of floor lamps, a collection of freestanding, decorative designs that will add a softer light to your space.The use of floor lighting in the home is so versatile; from setting the scene with atmospheric accent light, such as a free standing up lighting tripod lamp, to brightening a cosy reading corner with focused arc lamp, the options are endless.Designed with you in mind, browse our collection to find a style that is sure to suit your taste and budget. Able to instantly inject a room with personality, floor lamps are not only space-saving but also easily transported around your home.

Floor lamps play an important role in defining and distinguishing the decor and interior design in any room, as well as providing a practical role in lighting up a particular area. Lights look amazing when placed near a table or next to a chair to provide an extra beam and can often be a superb accessory to add into a corner of a room to brighten it up and make it look busier.One of the great things about floor lamps, in comparison to different wall lights and ceiling lighting, is that they do not cast shadows thus making them the perfect solution for reading.

Innovative addition in interior décor 

Our collection of floor lamps is deliberately diverse, as we seek to provide you with a variety of options. You can always find the perfect living room floor lamp for your needs, whether you are looking for the ideal addition to your cosy reading space, a classic design to quietly complete your room, or an elegant and modern design to add some light and interest to your home office. Chic and simple designs will complement minimal interiors beautifully, with designs integrating crystals and embroidered shades offering a touch of luxurious glamour.With a number of brands, sizes, styles and finishes available in our range, here at BigLiving we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect floor lights for you and your home. From vintage cinematic inspired tripod lamps to elegant brushed metal standing lamps, there will be something in our range that will faultlessly complement your home’s style and your interior furnishing choices.

Modern Floor Lamps for Living Room

Create drama in your living room with high, sleek styles designed with curved stems which will arch over a sofa or chair. To suit contemporary interior, consider our range of industrial inspired floor lamps which will not only create accent lighting but become a focal point in your home. Any cosy reading corner deserves a modern floor lamp, maybe a floor standing lamp that will brighten it, so consider our lighting with angled heads and nestle them next to your comfy armchair.

Office Lighting

Looking for the perfect personal office lighting? Browse our selection of arc and tripod styles, which will brighten your study in more ways than one. To highlight your space with unique colour and texture, we have beige floor lamps made with shiny copper and brass, sleek dark wood and on-trend marble.

Add that extra control over your room with floor lamps

Luckily, we have an extensive range of options available. Our modern designs will add a touch of class to most rooms, while traditional styles fit in better with older, yet still popular home decors.If you want to turn a corner of your living room into somewhere to curl up and read, a floor lamp is perfect. You just need to set up a comfortable chair and place the item nearby. When you switch the lamp on, it will cast its beam in the area that you want, creating a perfect reading environment without highlighting the entire room and disturbing others.

Contemporary models include a range of extra features, such as dimmer switches. These allow you to adjust the brightness to the level that you need for the task, creating the perfect ambience.The type of lamp that you need will depend on what you are using it for. If you want a room to be quite bright, for example, then halogens could be the best choice. However, if you want to be green and save money, you can opt for a LED lamp instead.Take a look at our floor up-lighters wide range to find the perfect design for your home or why not add some classic style with a floor standard. You can browse the best floor lamps at BigLiving.

Energy-saving LED floor lamps 

Saving electricity is always wise, and when BigLiving brings their energy-saving LED floor lamps with stunning designs, your struggle comes to an end. With our LED floor lamps, you can decorate and save, simultaneously. BigLiving never fails to facilitate you, that’s for sure! 

Cheap floor lamps on sale 

Saving your hard-earned bucks is one of BigLiving‘s aims; we never produce floor lamps that cost you an arm and a leg. Plus, our cheap floor lamps aren’t some odd-looking pieces. Instead, BigLiving‘s designers have made sure that you get the best value for your money and take home an appealing article; irrespective of your budget. 

So, without sparing a minute, hit at the BigLiving store and collect some astonishing floor lamps on sale! Shoot us your inquiries at BigLiving UK and let us discuss what you need!