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Add atmospheric lighting to any room in your home with our collection of lamp shades. As well as enhancing the feel of your room, lampshades can work as stylish accents that complement your room scheme. Choose from simple styles, like natural fabrics and earthy colours that will work well with a rustic interior or go for glamour with beads, sparkling crystals and polished metals.

For a simple way to bring a sophisticated finish to a minimalist space try rose gold or glass lamp shades for an understated elegance or a grey lamp shade for a modern classic look. Take your time choosing the right one for you - these pointers will help you when choosing the shade that will look perfect in your home. You can find the best lamp shades uk.

Size of your lamp shade

Another important thing to consider is the dimensions. A reading lamp on your bed side table means you can snuggle down with a book, and not have to get out of bed to turn the lights off. Pick a small lamp shade that can sit nicely on your bedside table smaller. However, a large lamp will look stunning in a high ceiled room. 

Exclusive shapes

We know that standard lamp shades start looking tedious, and you are always on the lookout for out-of-the-box items for your sweet home. That’s the reason BigLiving‘s lamp shades come in various shapes and sizes. We have unique drum lamp shades, large square lamp shades, and small bedroom lamp shades, to name a few. Once you start exploring our massive range of lamp shades, you’ll feel thrilled. We have compiled rarest designs, shapes, and colors in one place so that you don’t have to move back and forth in search of “the perfect” lamp shade that matches your taste.

Whichever color you adore, we have it!

A pink lamp shade for your baby’s room, or a teal lamp shade for your office; name it and get it at BigLiving UK. Plus, for theme-based rooms/halls, we will provide the color of your choice. Whether you need a rose gold lamp shade or a green lamp shade, there are zillions of options at BigLiving. Forget getting up from your cosy bed to turn off the light, with a lamp shade by your side, that’d never be bothersome! BigLiving is the perfect place for lamp shades UK because of our enormous range, dashing colors, and outstanding designs. From kitchen lamp shades to bedroom lamp shades, BigLiving has a modish assortment in every category. So, without wasting a second, open BigLiving‘s webshop and explore a remarkable collection of lamp shades. To inquire about a particular article or to customize your lamp shades, call at BigLiving and let our passionate customer support team further guide you!  

Choose the perfect Lamp Shade

When choosing the perfect lamp shade we advise you decide on how you would like the light to spread throughout your room? Drum lamp shades will direct light downwards or upwards while conserving a level of brightness which allows a soft glow to emerge from its structure. This type of lampshade is popular for lighting up cosy nooks and corners within your home.Traditionally designed cone shaped standard lamp shades force the light to shine around the whole room. This style is very popular for using as a ceiling lamp shade.Glass lamp shades promote the maximum brightness quality a single light bulb can emit from its petite curved frame.
Another consideration for your light shades and ceiling lampshades should be on deciding what kind of effect would you like it to create? A white ceiling lamp shade will emanate with a pure and elegant hue. Grey lamp shades create a contemporary and mellow atmosphere which feature prominently in modern homes. Blue lamp shades exude a tranquil and calming energy which stimulates a relaxed disposition. Drum light shades with strategically designed cut out sections permit light to freely create mesmerising shadow patterns.Space themed drum light shades are especially popular for this reason. Use a clear glass lamp shade to surround a candle light bulb in order to create a classical and compelling flickering effect. This combination skilfully marries tradition and modernity for a captivating appearance. Glass lamp shades also allow the light to attract and refract to produce mesmerising lighting effects that bring a whimsical element. Silk and linen lamp shades also provide a warm and welcome glow, making them perfect to use for table lamps.
The Final decision you should make is on what kind of decorative statement do you want to make with your choice of lampshade? Make a bold design choice using a vibrant coloured large lampshade to function as both a practical and stylish feature. Emerald green, enriching blue or  pink drum lamp shades visually warm the room while also providing an upscaled presence. Use gold lampshades for a slash of opulent detailing.Low hanging pendant lamp shades which dangle elegantly over kitchen islands create intimate and inviting spaces. Use neutral coloured small light shades to subtly accent decorative lamp bases. Lampshades adorned with attractive prints, patterns and illustrations give you the opportunity to express your likable personality. Buy all kinds of cheap lamp shades here at BIgLiving!