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Zyra Ip65 17W

£86.00 Incl. VAT

LED Floodlights add security and lighting to outdoor areas of a home, outbuildings and business premises. Flood lights (LED) are cost effective to run, and the low energy light emitting diode technology provides instant, high intensity lighting. LED Floodlights have a Wide beam angle allowing for more visibility, variety of colour temperatures and allowing different mounting options to suit all needs.

LED Floodlight sensor powered models are quick and easy to install. PIR sensor LED Floodlights will turn on when they sense movement which makes energy efficiency low making bills manageable and making them ideal for protecting property against intruders. LED Floodlights mainly have IP65 allowing for total protection against dust protecting the fixture of the light.LED Floodlight IP65 also allows protection against low pressure jets of water from all directions protecting interior damage to the LED light. The LED Floodlight has a range of colour temperatures mainly such as cool white, warm white, daylight, natural white and cool daylight mainly used for security.  BigLiving provides you with best modern flood lights uk at a reansonable price.

Increase your home safety with outdoor security floodlights

Keep your property safe and secure with an outdoor security floodlight. You will be able to find the full spectrum of outdoor security lights here on eBay, whether you are looking for something discreet to fit on the side of your house, or a large integrated system appropriate for commercial premises. From LED, battery powered to solar powered lights, choose from a range of different outdoor security lighting options here on BigLiving. 

Floodlights will increase the security of any residential or commercial property. A well lit area is likely to deter burglars, vandals, and unwanted pests such as foxes. Once a trespasser finds themselves brightly highlighted they are unlikely to proceed any further into your property.

Outdoor Led Floodlights come in a variety of specifications, and with an array of features. Some floodlights will be set on a timer so that they come on at night, others may be light sensitive, and some will be fitted with a movement sensor. You can buy all kinds of floodlights here at BigLiving.