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Garden Lights


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Garden lighting is a great way to brighten up your home and garden and elongate the evenings outdoors. Whatever your budget or requirements at Primrose we have it all, from sets of solar path lighting from our very own  range. Traditional Garden Lights are a great way to give an instantaneous modern feel to your garden area. This type of lighting is extremely versatile and gives you directional control over the focus of the beam. You can use this control to express yourself creatively with the lighting in your garden. Use them to highlight your favourite areas, and when you get bored you can change the lighting to produce a totally different affect. If you are the kind of person that enjoys changing the furniture around and can't stand the same old thing for too long then installing some spotlights will let you refresh your garden lighting whenever the mood takes you.

Want to make sure your garden is a place where you love to spend your time? From seating areas to the right pots and plants, there are lots of ways to do this - and you've come to the right place for plenty of garden inspiration. But why not start by setting the mood in your back garden with some carefully chosen decorative lighting?This is a must-have if you enjoy entertaining and it's a particularly lovely thing to have during the summer months when you want to spend more time outside enjoying the warmer weather. We've got you covered with various options plus warm and cool white LED styles - or how about festoon bulbs for a stylish on-trend look?

Cost effective

If you are looking for spotlights that will stand the test of time and save you money in the long run explore our range of LED Garden lights and buy now. However the most cost effective solution will be something from our Solar Spotlight range. It goes without saying that both LED and solar are extremely friendly to the environment.

Great Quality Garden Lights

Are you looking for high-quality garden lights? BigLiving has everything you want! We have selected the most beautiful exterior lighting for you. You can use these to easily illuminate your garden, terrace, balcony, front door or driveway. With our wide range of affordable products, you are guaranteed to find the right garden lights for you!

Brighten up your garden with BigLiving's extensive range of garden lighting. Enjoy a drink with friends on a balmy evening under the pleasant glow of our patio lights, or illuminate key parts of your garden with our selection of garden border lights.These garden lights create an ambience in your outdoor space which can be enjoyed all year round. Garden lights come in different forms, from ground lighting, garden fence lights, festoon lights, and LED fairy lights, all available at BigLiving today.

Among our most popular outdoor lights are garden string lights. These can be a great way to create ambience, to drape along fences, terraces or pagodas, or even be used to illuminate pathways. Specialist garden fairy lights are waterproofed and sturdy to protect them from the best that British summer time can throw at them. Generally, these fall into two camps. Electric garden lights are powered from the mains and tend to last a long time, are nice and bright, and are well suited to more permanent installations. Festoon garden lights are often long, and well suited to large gardens that need plenty of illumination. Solar powered garden lights are much easier to set up, transport, and move around, and are also cheaper to run. These can be great for smaller spaces, and even camping.

Garden and outdoor lighting can also be a great choice for improving the security of your home. We have a selection of external and garden wall lights to produce a reassuring halo of light around the circumference of your property.