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Outdoor Lanterns & Strings


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Outdoor lanterns are the ideal way to add that extra decorative touch to your outdoors. All our garden lights are suitable for outside, meaning you can rely on these outdoor lanterns to work when you need them. Outdoor lanterns go perfectly with outdoor battery lights, while outdoor fairy lights can be added for larger spaces.

Light up your garden with our amazing outdoor lantern collection. Here at BigLiving we’ve got a massive selection of outdoor lanterns, string lights to set the scene, to keep those bugs at bay, and even security lights. Browse our selection of novelty outdoor lanterns. Whether you need lights for your pond, string lights for your parasol or stake lights to show off your garden plants, BigLiving outdoor lighting department has the right light for you! Shop now for a brighter, lighter summer.

Decorate your garden all year round with these outdoor lights and lanterns. Let’s face it, it’s not all that often we can make the most of our gardens so when we can, a little thing like the sun setting shouldn’t stop us. Be ready and raring for an evening in your garden with our collection of outdoor lantern lights.

Light up your garden with Lanterns and Strings!

When it comes to your backyard, the plants, and the patio decor, and the furniture are important—but perhaps more than anything, it's the lighting that really sets the mood. That's where lanterns come in: Afternoons in the backyard are great, but nothing really compares to the magic of hanging out outside on a cool summer night (bonfire and s'mores optional, but definitely recommended!). If you're going to be in your yard or on your patio all night, you're going to need some cool lighting to keep things lit.

String lights are great and all, but lanterns have a special ambiance to them—and they're portable, so you can put them anywhere you want in your outdoor space, no outlets required! If you're looking for the Stylish Outdoor Lanterns & Strings for your outdoor space, these are some of the most stylish LED options you can buy.

Buy LED Lanterns

Lanterns are a perfectly portable outdoor lighting option. They can be clustered on patios for a cosy addition to garden seating, they can line paths to guide your guests to the dinner table, or even add an intimate glow to the table itself. Lanterns also protect candles from the elements making them a better option for outdoors than tea light holders.

Make sure to look for lanterns suitable for outdoor use which can be left outside all summer come rain or shine, or if you’re just using normal lanterns you should prefer buying the outdoor LED Lanterns as they are cost effective and add more ambience to your place!