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Simply buy them, unpack them, stick them in, and turn them on. Ground spike lights are that straightforward – for the most part, at least. If your lights require a power supply, you will need to plug them in. If, instead, they use the power of the sun as their energy source, you will need to allow them some time to charge up after you remove them from their dark packaging. Modern Spike lights are perfect for anyone who enjoys rearranging and revamping, because you can pick them up and move them around to your heart’s content. Garden spike lights are an amazingly flexible form of outdoor lighting since you can reposition and adjust each one in order to best enhance the space as the seasons or your plantings change. Effective in even the smallest of gardens, they can be used to define pathways, highlight statues, shrubs and small trees, accentuate flower beds and water features, or throw light onto buildings. And as these LED spike lights are so exceptionally energy efficient you can afford to be generous with their use.

LED Garden Spike Lights

Garden spike lights in the garden can create the most wonderful lighting effect. You can highlight your favourite shrub or silhouette a leafy plant against a wall to dramatic effect. Have fun in your garden by adding spike lights, which bring your night time garden to life.
Even the smallest of gardens can be lit to create space, effect and colour, but where do you start and how do you decide what and how many you need?It may sound silly, but if you want to find out what sort of effect you can create you just need two people and a reasonably powerful torch. If you don’t have one, beg, borrow or buy a reasonably cheap hand held torch and go out into your garden after dark.Get someone to stand by the tree or shrub and shine the light where you think it will highlight that feature best to see the results. Do this a number of times until you get some idea of how many lights on spikes you will need.Once you have some idea of the quantity required, you need to decide on the type and finish. They are available in a number of finishes including stainless steel, plastic and aluminium. In a lot of cases, the finish may not be important, as it will be hidden out of view under a shrub or other foliage.
Few Advantages of LED Spike Lights
  • Long life
  • Energy efficiency
  • High brightness and intensity
  • Showcase plants, sculptures, and water features
  • Low radiated heat