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Modern Picture Lights You'll Love

Picture Lights are the most traditional way to highlight your favourite paintings, photographs and beloved artwork. A painting can really bring a room to life but it needs to be well-lit to achieve maximum impact. Each piece of artwork is unique and has its own requirements in terms of their size and positioning. Here at BigLiving we have a wide range of wall picture lights uk that will fulfil your highlighting needs, and add to the mood and atmosphere of the room. Not only is it essential that the light gives the right degree of illumination to show-off your artwork at its best, but it also has a duty to complement the piece in terms of how it looks in its own right.With that in mind we have a range of finishes to suit all tastes (from Antique Brass to Polished Chrome, Bronze to Satin Silver).

LED picture lights

When illuminating artwork you must also take into account the effect direct light may have on the picture itself. Light exposure can lead to fading and deterioration of a painting. This is where LED technology comes into its own as it can be used to show off even the most delicate of artwork without any danger of harm.

Main purpose of a Picture Light

Picture lights are a classic way to highlight your favourite painting or picture. In this case, the light is not the focal point but instead is used to highlight another object in the room. This is called task lighting, and its purpose is to ensure your art piece receives more illumination than its background.

A picture light needs to provide a focused beam of illumination on an art piece (or ‘object of interest’) which greatly exceeds that of its background. This brings the art piece into focus, so observers can appreciate it without any distractions.While the ‘object of interest’ it illuminates gets most of the attention, the picture lamp itself is on display too. Here at BigLiving we provide you with the best led picture wall lights which will help you highlight a picture and also look wonderful on your wall as the products are designed to increase the beauty of your wall as well as the pictures. Picture frame lights are not exclusively made for pictures. They can be used to highlight any object to add interest and drama – or in some cases for pure convenience or mood lighting. For instance, in a dark room such as cinema theatres, they are perfect for illuminating handrails so people do not trip over. We have all sorts of picture lights from contemporary picture lights to traditional pictures lights, we have it all for you!