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Form 1Lt Wall 60W Sw - Matt White Glass


Wall Lamps & Shades

Wall lamps can add that extra illumination if needed in your room and are very stylish and elegant looking. BigLiving stocks a wide range of wall lamps for all of your wall illumination needs. The wall light come in a wide range of colours including brass, gold, silver, brushed chrome, black, white and crystal. You also have the added option of changing the wall lamps shade so you can really achieve any look that your decor and your desires. The wall lamps shades come in all manner of colours, shapes, sizes and materials including grey, white, black, gold, silver and even crystal. All are sent out with the relevant wall lamps fixtures and fittings therefore allowing for easy installation once you have it arrive at your desired delivery destination. Some of our wall lamps even come with the extra extendable arm so you can position this part over you if reading, sewing or knitting. Some are set to the wall and other wall lamps are extendable with either the extra extendable arm or with the entire wall lamp being adjustable.

We stock all manner of wall lamps which includes bedside wall lamps with the extra extendable arm for your reading or hobbies that require a concentrated beam of light. BigLiving also stock bedroom wall lights that again are available in a range of different finishes, materials and sizes.The wall lamp shades we stock are available for various wall lamps so please enquire to find out if the wall lamp shade you are buying will fit onto the wall lamp you have chosen.

BigLiving stock all sorts of wall lamps, bedside wall lamps, wall lights, wall lamp shades and bedroom wall lamps so get browsing today for your perfect lighting solution from the BigLiving range and let us light up your life one wall lamp at a time.